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What Is Reel Artistry?

Reel Artistry produces high quality demo reels for musical theatre actors, based on our Guided Self Discovery approach. Using industry expertise and unique insights, our team captures your best work on film.  

Our distinctive 4-Phase Reel Creation Process is designed to ensure that your material is perfected, your casting niche is clear, and your confidence is sky high. As Artistry Advisors, we’ll help you create an impactful, vocational reel that aligns with current industry trends and your career goals.

Take A Sneak Peek

Seeing is believing; each reel is shot with your full team of specialists standing by to ensure your best performance.

Samantha Joy Pearlman

Cole Francum

Celeste Rose

Joanie Anderson

Kate Zulauf

Chris Renalds

Lacey Tucker

Sarah Parnicky

Carole Jones

Sean Patrick Murtagh

Taylor Pearlstein

Sarah Shaiman

And now see a fully compiled reel...

What Makes Us Different?

At Reel Artistry, the project is YOU. Our creative team collaborates for your career, your success, and your empowerment as an artist.  

The 4-Phase Reel Creation Process comes from a place of partnership, encouraging raw, constructive, and all-encompassing feedback from casting directors. Rather than being in a classroom setting with a dozen other students, we are committed to individualized, one-on-one attention devoted to you and your journey as an actor.  

During your filming session, you’ll have your director, live accompanist, full professional film crew, makeup artist, and producer onsite to support you... oh, and you’ll also get the most professional reel of your career.

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Meet Our Artistry Advisors

Our Artistry Advisors are all active musical theatre professionals who influence the pulse of the industry on a regular basis. Each advisor brings different experience and perspective to the table, offering a unique stamp to every reel we create based on the relationship that you establish with your advisors.

The Casting Director

Serves as the litmus test for how your creative choices align with the current needs of the industry. Clarifies what unique qualities stand out and will give you a competitive edge.

The Director

Brings out your most authentic and castable work through one-on-one coaching. Molds your work to the on-camera medium.

The Producer

The Producer is the glue to the professional team. They hold everyone accountable to your goals so you can simply concentrate on your craft. 

The Director of Photography

Strategically leads the film crew to capture pristine picture, sound, and lighting to catch every detail of the story you're telling.  

Here's the schedule for our 4-Phase Reel Creation Process 

Phase 1: Kick-Off Seminar (Group survey) 

Our process begins with a self-audit where you will complete an in-depth survey about how you view yourself within your career. Then you'll meet in a group with the Producer to take a deeper dive into your career goals and what you want to achieve during our time together.

Phase 2: The Workshop (Private appointments)  

In an individual session, you’ll perform your best material for our Artistry Advisor panel to offer feedback on. Collectively, you and the team will select your most compelling pieces and identify your niche of castability in today’s industry, walking away with the Castability Overview: an actionable plan for your reel.  

This is the crucial feedback you rarely get, but absolutely need to improve your approach - valuable insight that you never have access to in a regular audition setting.

Phase 3: One-on-One Coaching  

Armed with your Castability Overview from the Workshop, you’ll work one-on-one with our Director to fine tune three audition cuts to perform in your reel. In this private session, you’ll finesse your storytelling to match your unique castability and prepare to translate that to the screen.

Phase 4: The Film Shoot 

In this phase, you’ll have access to a full film crew, Director, makeup artist, and accompanist, all of whom will be with you to ensure that your reel is the most impactful tool in your career arsenal. Your finished reel will be professionally edited and perfected to share, so all you have to do is show up and do what you do best, with the best.

Our next session will be in mid 2019.

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"I loved the in-depth nature of the Reel Artistry process. It forced me to dig deep and figure out exactly what I should be putting forward in order to be successful, rather than just resting on what I’ve always done."

- Celeste Rose

What can you achieve with your new reel?

You now have the most powerful tool to take ACTION toward higher caliber auditions and bookings. 

  • No-Brainer Niche: Reel Artistry's program gives you a deeper understanding of where you fit into the industry, plus a focused and strategic approach toward booking jobs.  
  • Real Industry Connections: Remember, you'll be going through this process with the professionals you want to work with. Now they know you, your work, and already have a vested interest in your journey.  
  • Essential Feedback: No other reel creation workshop evaluates the FULL scope of your career COLLABORATIVELY from MULTIPLE industry perspectives. Not to mention the unmatched commitment to one-on-one time with casting directors and directors. Hear straight from ‘the people who know’ how to make impactful shifts in your audition game.  
  • Increased Confidence: Say "byeee!" to embarrassment or confusion when someone asks to see an example of your work. You now have an illustrative resource that you are not only proud to share, but one that gives you a competitive advantage.  
  • Digital Presence: Now you can easily share your reel with casting directors, agents, directors, choreographers, and the like to access high-level opportunities. Plus, you never have to worry about people googling you and finding that student film you agreed to do and regretted even as you were filming it.  

"The entire crew - from makeup artist to camera man and especially my Director - was wonderfully professional, fun, and efficient. It was a great room to be in." 

- Celeste Rose

"The branding process with Reel Artistry pushed me to think past what was right in front of me. Kenny made me think about my career in a very specific way. The actual shoot day itself was AMAZING! The energy from everyone involved was so supportive and encouraging." 

- Joanie Anderson  

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